What Is The Ghost Face Trend On TikTok: A Detailed Look

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  • The Ghost Face trend on TikTok involves men wearing masks from the book ‘Scream for Us’ in romantic settings.
  • It started with the BookTok community, showing how books can influence online trends.
  • Couples are using the Ghost Face mask for role-playing to spice up their relationships, mixing elements of horror and romance.
  • This trend has increased the popularity and sales of both the masks and the book ‘Scream for Us.’

TikTok is all about fast trends and viral videos. Recently, the Ghostface mask trend has taken off, but with a twist. Inspired by Molly Doyle’s book ‘Scream for Us,’ this trend mixes romance and horror in a new way. Unlike the scary Ghostface in the ‘Scream’ movies, this version adds an element of allure and mystery to romantic scenes. Couples are getting into it, using the mask to add spice to their relationship through role-play.

The Ghost Face Trend on TikTok

Ghost Face Trend on TikTok

Originated from BookTok

BookTok ghost face

The Ghostface trend on TikTok, which started from the BookTok community, has quickly caught on. This trend draws from Molly Doyle’s horror novel Scream for Us and blends romantic and horror elements. It shows how a book can jump off the pages and come to life on social media, mixing literature and digital culture.

Men wearing Ghost Face masks for their partners




In these videos, men wear the mask to spice up their love life, mixing horror with romance. It’s all about the thrill—the mystery of the mask adds excitement. These TikToks often mimic Damien, a character from Molly Doyle’s book, with moves like leaning in a doorway before sharing a passionate moment. This trend shows how stories from books and pop culture can influence real relationships, making the Ghost Face mask a symbol of more than just fear.

The AfterMath of the Ghost Face Trend

The Ghost Face trend on TikTok has really shaken things up, especially in the market for Ghost Face masks — their sales have shot up. This trend has also brought a lot of attention to Molly Doyle’s novel ‘Scream for Us’. It’s a clear example of how powerful social media can be in boosting the popularity of books.

Increased sales of Ghost Face masks

Ghostface mask sales have shot up, thanks to a new TikTok trend. Retailers and online stores are seeing a big jump in sales. This trend started when people on TikTok, mainly from the BookTok community, began acting out scenes from the book. They put a romantic spin on it and always include the mask.

Increased interest in the book “Scream for Us”

Scream for Us

As Ghostface masks become more popular, so does Molly Doyle’s book ‘Scream for Us’. This novel mixes horror and romance in a way that really grabs people’s attention. Here’s why more folks are picking it up:

  • It’s a page-turner: The mix of intense romance and scary moments keeps readers hooked. It’s great for anyone who loves a good thrill or a passionate story.
  • It’s timely: With Ghostface masks popping up all over social media, the themes in the book feel relevant and exciting right now.
  • It’s intriguing: The character Damien wears a Ghostface mask, adding a layer of mystery that makes the story even more engaging.

Popularity of the trend on TikTok and social media platforms

Ghost Face mask videos are all over TikTok now, and they’re really catching on. There’s this romance horror book called ‘Scream for Us’ that mixes a hot story with the Ghost Face mask, making it more intriguing. On TikTok, lots of people, especially BookTok users, are posting videos where they dress up and act out scenes from the book. They even use sounds from the old ‘Scream’ movies, which ties everything back to those classic horror films. Now, the mask isn’t just a scary thing; it’s part of a love story, too. This has changed how people see it on social media like TikTok.


The Ghost Face mask now features in romantic narratives on TikTok. This transition not only offers a fresh interpretation of a classic icon but also engages a wider audience in storytelling. These transformations showcase the dynamic nature of digital storytelling, where creativity knows no bounds, and where traditional symbols can evolve to resonate with contemporary audiences.

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