Why People Are Changing Their Bitmoji to Purple on Snapchat?

Lucia Marginean

  • People on Snapchat are turning their Bitmojis purple to express themselves and feel part of a group.
  • This started with a TikTok video, and now many are changing their avatar’s color to purple to join in.
  • Purple really pops on Snapchat, making users stand out and show off their unique style.
  • This trend shows how quickly new ideas can catch on through social media, and how much fun it is to try out simple new things.

The Purple Bitmoji trend on Snapchat started with a TikTok video and quickly caught on. Now, it’s everywhere on social media, showing just how quickly things can trend online. Everyone is turning their avatars purple and trying to figure out what it all means. This trend shows how online communities can change fast and how a simple visual update can start a big movement.

The Purple Bitmoji Trend on Snapchat

How to change your Bitmoji to purple

Bitmoji to purple

Want to join the Purple Bitmoji craze on Snapchat? It’s pretty easy. First, open Snapchat and tap your profile or Bitmoji icon at the top left. Next, head to the Bitmoji section and hit ‘Edit Bitmoji.’ Look for ‘Skin Tone’ and tap it. You’ll see a bunch of colors. Find the purple ones and pick the shade you like best. Save your choice, and you’re all set. Your Bitmoji will now be purple in all your Snapchat fun.

The reasoning behind the trend

Let’s explore why Snapchat’s Purple Bitmoji trend has taken off. At first glance, it seems like just a fun update. But there’s more to it. The trend taps into how we see ourselves and our need to belong to a group. When Snapchat users pick a purple Bitmoji, they’re not just following a fad. They’re telling everyone, ‘I’m part of this group. ‘

What Does a Purple Bitmoji Mean on Snapchat?

Purple Bitmoji

People on Snapchat are wondering about the purple Bitmoji. Some say it started with a social media challenge. Others think it shows you’re in a special group. But really, no one’s sure yet. It keeps changing as more people use it online.

Speculation on the original source of the trend

The purple Bitmoji trend seems to have started from a TikTok video by @shlgboys, which quickly got over 3 million views. The video just showed changing the Bitmoji skin color to purple, without explaining why. This kind of trend has happened before on TikTok, where the mystery and simplicity make it popular. People probably joined in because they were curious or wanted to be part of something big.


In short, people are switching their Bitmojis to purple on Snapchat to join in on a trend. It’s a way for them to show they’re part of something bigger while still being themselves. This purple Bitmoji acts like a badge that says, ‘I’m in,’ helping users connect with others. It’s interesting how we use these simple changes to fit in and stand out at the same time, isn’t it? This is just how we do things now in our online worlds, making it fun and interactive.

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