Why Did TikTok Delete My Drafts and How to Recover Them?

Lucia Marginean

  • Your drafts might vanish if you delete TikTok or because of how your device manages data.
  • Before removing the app, save your drafts to your camera roll or cloud.
  • Look at your device’s storage and linked cloud services to find backup copies of your drafts.
  • You can also find lost drafts in the ‘TikTok’ folder of your camera roll or gallery.
  • Consider using external storage devices or email backups to get your drafts back.

Losing your TikTok drafts can be annoying and confusing, especially if you don’t know why it happened. Many people face this issue, usually when they’re about to finish and post their videos.

Something important to know is that TikTok saves your drafts on your phone or device, not online on their servers. If you delete the app or switch to a different phone, you might lose all your drafts. Understanding this can help you take steps to protect your videos and avoid losing them in the future.

Why Did TikTok Delete My Drafts?

A common reason TikTok drafts vanish is because the app was uninstalled. Removing TikTok usually erases all the drafts saved on your phone.

Here’s what you can do to prevent losing your drafts:

  1. Backup Your Drafts: Keep a copy of your drafts somewhere else, like a cloud service or an external hard drive.

  2. Think Twice Before Uninstalling: Only remove TikTok from your device if needed.

  3. Learn About Your Device: Understand how your phone handles app data. This knowledge can help you avoid losing drafts in the future.

Planning and learning can save you a lot of trouble later.

How to Recover Lost TikTok Drafts

First, permanently save your drafts to your camera roll before you delete the app. This way, you won’t lose them. Next, check your phone’s storage or your cloud backup. Your drafts could be saved there, allowing you to recover them.

Save drafts before uninstalling the app.

To make sure you keep your TikTok creations, save your drafts somewhere else before deleting the app. Here’s a simple way to keep your drafts safe:

  1. Export Videos: First, hit the ‘Save to device’ option for each draft on your TikTok app. This will save your videos right to your phone or tablet.

  2. Use External Storage: Next, move these saved videos to an external storage device, like a USB stick or an external hard drive. This gives you an extra layer of security.

  3. Cloud Backup: Also, consider uploading your drafts to a cloud service. This way, you can access your videos from any device, wherever you are.

  4. Email to Yourself: Another quick backup option is emailing the videos. This way, you’ll have a link to download them anytime.

Follow these steps, and you won’t have to worry about losing your TikTok drafts.

Check if drafts are saved to the camera roll.

Before you try to return your TikTok drafts, check if they were saved automatically to your camera roll. This is a critical first step. Often, TikTok lets you save drafts on your device when making a video. Look in your camera roll or gallery for a folder called ‘TikTok’ or something similar. If you find videos there, your drafts might be among them if you had that setting turned on.

Possible ways to retrieve drafts

It can be challenging to get back your lost TikTok drafts, but here are a few simple steps you can try:

  1. Check Your Device Storage: Your drafts might be on your phone. Take a look in your gallery or file manager.

  2. Cloud Backup: If you use cloud services like Google Drive or iCloud, see if your drafts are there.

  3. Use Recovery Tools: You can try data recovery software to find any traces of your missing drafts.

  4. Prevent Future Losses: From now on, regularly save your drafts to camera roll, an external drive or the cloud.

These tips should help you keep your creative content safe on TikTok.


Understanding how to handle your TikTok drafts is critical for content creators who want to keep their work safe. These drafts are saved on your device, meaning you could lose them if you delete the app or switch to a new phone. It’s wise to back up your drafts somewhere else regularly to avoid this. Although it might not always be possible to regain lost drafts, taking steps to prevent loss is crucial. Always save your drafts to your camera roll or an external device before you remove the app or change your phone.

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