What Is April 24? The Disturbing Truth Behind The Date

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  • A harmful TikTok trend wrongly labeled April 24th as ‘National Rape Day’, encouraging sexual assault.
  • This date isn’t a holiday or recognized celebration; it was just picked randomly for a harmful joke.
  • The trend caused a lot of fear and spread false information, and it happened during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
  • Social media and community members worked together to clear up this myth and helped promote safety and awareness.
  • Denim Day, which fights against sexual violence, also takes place on April 24th. It stands for consent and supports survivors.

In 2021, a troubling trend surfaced on TikTok. A group of six users marked April 24 as a so-called national day for sexual assault. This announcement caused a lot of worry and disapproval. These users claimed that on this day, sexual assault would be legal and even shared terrible ‘tips’ on how to commit these acts. The creators of this trend haven’t been identified, making it hard to tackle the problem at its core.

The TikTok community fought back. They made videos to spread the word and warn others about the dangers of this day. They encouraged everyone to stay safe and keep an eye out for any dangers.

The Disturbing April 24th TikTok Trend

Origin and impact

The April 24th TikTok trend started as a disturbing hoax in 2021. Someone falsely called it a national day for sexual assault. Despite being alarming, it spread fast and made people question the safety and responsibility of social media.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Who started it? An anonymous group on TikTok in 2021.
  • How did it spread? It quickly caught everyone’s attention and caused a lot of worry.
  • What did users do? Many people made videos to raise awareness and share safety tips.
  • What was the impact? It made people more alert and encouraged them to report harmful content.
  • How did people prevent it? The community worked together to watch out for and counter false information.

This situation shows how things online can have real effects in the real world. It’s a reminder of how we need to be careful with what spreads on social media.

National Rape Day and Its Connection to April 24th

When looking into the disturbing idea of ‘National Rape Day’ linked to April 24th, it’s crucial to understand that this is not an official holiday but a harmful concept that came from TikTok.

This idea unfortunately emerged during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a time usually dedicated to teaching and preventing such acts. It seems that a TikTok group started this trend in 2021, causing a lot of worry and strong disapproval from those on social media and safety experts.

Not a recognized holiday

The term ‘National Rape Day’ linked to April 24th is not recognized as an official holiday or observance by any credible authority. It’s crucial to clear this up to avoid spreading false information and causing panic. Knowing that April 24th is just a regular day helps everyone focus on their daily lives without fear.

Denim Day: A Positive Movement on April 24th

Denim Day is a powerful response to a problematic court decision in Italy. It happens every year on April 24th and fights against sexual violence.

By wearing jeans, you join a clear, strong message of support for survivors. Everyone can get involved—wear denim, go to events, or help organizations that support survivors.

It’s a simple act, but it speaks volumes.

How it started

Denim Day started as a strong response to a controversial event. It happens every year on April 24th to fight against sexual violence. The movement began after a 1998 ruling by the Italian Supreme Court. They overturned a rape conviction, arguing that the victim’s tight jeans meant she must have helped her attacker remove them, suggesting consent. This decision shocked many, and wearing denim became a way to show they disagreed with the court and supported victims of sexual assault.

Here’s what Denim Day is all about:

  1. Solidarity: Denim Day brings people together to stand against sexual violence.
  2. Awareness: It helps more people understand the wrong ideas that often surround sexual assault.
  3. Support: The day provides comfort and legal help to those who’ve been assaulted.
  4. Education: Denim Day also teaches people about the myths tied to sexual violence, clearing up any misconceptions.

Ways to participate and support survivors:

  1. Wear Denim: Show your support by wearing denim on April 24th.
  2. Educate Others: Tell people about Denim Day and the myths surrounding sexual violence.
  3. Donate: Give to organizations that support survivors of sexual assault.
  4. Advocate: Use social media to spread the word and push for better policies to protect survivors.


To sum it up, April 24 shows us how social media can be a double-edged sword. We need to tackle and stop dangerous trends like the April 24th TikTok trend, while also supporting good causes like Denim Day, which helps fight sexual violence.

Working together is key. We must create a safe space online and support those who have suffered. Education and taking part are crucial to stop false information and push for real changes.

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