What Does SU Mean on Snapchat? The Swipe Up Feature!

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  • ‘SU’ on Snapchat means ‘Swipe Up.’ This feature in Stories lets you link to more stuff outside Snapchat.
  • It’s handy for creators who want to send their viewers to websites, special deals, or more info.
  • It makes it easier to get to extra content, making Snapchat more user-friendly.

Snapchat’s ‘Swipe Up’ feature, or ‘SU,’ is vital for connecting users with more content. Mainly used in Stories, it lets users go straight to websites and other links. This is great for marketers and creators who want to reach more people. Understanding how to use ‘SU’ can make your Snapchat experience better. Let’s talk about how and why people use it in different situations. This will help you get more out of the app.

What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

Definition of SU

On Snapchat, ‘SU’ usually means ‘Swipe Up.’ This lets users click on a link right in the Snapchat Story. It’s a straightforward way to connect people with websites, deals, or more info.

‘Swipe Up’ is more than just a button; it’s a clever tactic used by those who create content and market products. They use it to spread their message and see how well their content performs by checking how many people click through.

Other Meanings of SU

‘SU’ is mainly known as ‘Swipe Up’ on Snapchat stories. But it means different things based on where you see it. People often use ‘SU’ in texts or online chats to say ‘Shut Up.’ This can be either joking or serious. It can also mean ‘See You’ when someone says goodbye quickly.

Usage on Snapchat

Expanding on the basic idea of ‘Swipe Up,’ let’s see how Snapchat uses this feature to boost interaction and keep users engaged. The ‘Swipe Up’ feature is a key tool for creators and marketers to link their audience with external sites, special deals, or more content. Here are a few ways it’s used:

  • Promotional Campaigns: It’s a vital tool in marketing to increase website visits.

  • Event Information: It sends users to details about coming events or how to sign up.

  • Exclusive Content: It provides spestandardccess to content on other websites.

  • User Engagement: It keeps users interested and talks about upcoming events.

  • Feedback Collection: It connects to surveys that are unique to collect user opinions.

In text messages

In text messages, the acronym SU can mean different things like ‘Shut Up’ or ‘See You.’ It changes based on who’s talking and what they’re talking about. SU is handy because it’s short and quick. Here’s how people usually use it:

  • Casual Goodbyes: People say SU as ‘See You’ when they’re saying bye in a relaxed way.

  • Teasing Friends: Sometimes friends say SU as ‘Shut Up’ in a joking manner.

  • Quick Replies: It’s also used for fast answers or comments they make.

  • Friendly Jokes: It’s common to see SU in teasing or playful chats.

Adding links to stories

Adding links to your Snapchat stories through the Swipe Up feature ensures they are more exciting and guides your followers to more content or shopping sites. It’s really handy for creators, marketers, and businesses who want to bring more visitors to their online spots, like websites, deals, or online shops. Just adding a link to the convenience store gives your audience an easy way to get more info, buy products, or catch special deals.


In conclusion, understanding the different meanings of ‘SU’ on Sna can improve how you connect with others and keep people interested. ‘SU’ can mean anything from ‘Swipe Up’ to ‘Shut Up,’ or even ‘See You.’

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