TikTok’s Viral ‘Girl With The List’ Debunks Pregnancy Rumors

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The ‘Girl With The List’ suddenly became very popular on TikTok. A lot of people started watching and talking about it. It all started when a user named ‘zoomie’ posted videos about why she chose not to get pregnant.

Another user, ‘Yuni,’ made a list about this for a school project. They shared this list in a simple, easy-to-read way using screenshots from the Notes app. This really clicked with people, especially those who don’t want to have children.

It shows how powerful social media can be in spreading personal ideas and starting big conversations. This whole thing not only made Zoomie and Yuni more well-known but also got people talking more about whether or not to have kids.

Girl With The List Goes Viral on TikTok


#stitch with @jsacs89 THE GIRL WITH THE LIST EXPLAINED because its so confusing now (bc of copycats lol) All love, just trying to clear it up! #thegirlwiththelist #girlwiththelist #reasonsnottogetpregnantlist

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After rumours started swirling online, the TikTok star known as ‘Girl With The List’ quickly set the record straight. She posted a video to clear up misunderstandings about her pregnancy, directly responding to claims made by another TikTok user named Zulf. This move helped stop the spread of false information. Additionally, support from a famous pop star strengthened her case, showing how powerful celebrity support can be in shaping public opinion.

Rumours of pregnancy spread on social media

Many people on social media started saying that the TikTok ‘Girl with the List’ was pregnant. She quickly said that wasn’t true. People got the wrong idea from her videos, which usually discuss reasons not to get pregnant. The rumour spread fast, popping up on different platforms. People everywhere began talking about what it would mean if she were pregnant.

Responding with TikTok video denying rumours


After rumours spread about her pregnancy, the TikTok ‘Girl with the List’ made a video to clarify things. She talked about the rumours started by another TikToker named Zulf, who hinted she was expecting. In her video, she sipped on rosé wine, showing that she’s not pregnant—drinking wine isn’t something a pregnant woman would do. She also clarified that neither she nor Yuni, who created a popular list inspired by her, are pregnant.

Support from fellow pop star

On social media, Tiana showed her support, pointing out that public figures often face too much prying into their personal lives. She praised the ‘Girl with the List’ for dealing with the rumours directly and resisting societal pressure.

Tiana’s words struck a chord, earning applause from fans and other artists who admired her defence of personal freedom. This support shows a growing push in the entertainment world to protect individuals’ privacy and choices, no matter their fame.


The ‘Girl With The List’ story shows how easily false information can spread online. It’s a wake-up call for anyone with a social media account to be more careful about what they believe and share. Public figures like her often struggle to keep their private lives private while dealing with rumours. It’s also nice to see other artists supporting her, reminding us that respecting each other’s personal stories and choices is important.

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