TikToker Faces Backlash For Urging Women To Be “Kinder” To Each Other

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In a popular TikTok video, Kriss Plshchk encouraged women to be kinder to each other. She showed how men and women reacted to her on the street. The video quickly got over forty million views. However, many women responded negatively. They didn’t like how the video suggested they should behave. This has led to many discussions on social media about how women interact and what is expected of them.

What Happened: TikToker Urges Women to be Kinder to Each Other

TikToker Urges Women to be Kinder to Each Other

Video goes viral

Kriss Plshchk’s TikTok video calling for more kindness among women really took off, hitting over forty million views and sparking a lot of online chatter. The message hit home, leading to lots of shares and discussions. The video showed contrasting reactions, which grabbed attention and were easy to get. Many viewers saw their experiences in the theme of women’s relationships, making them more likely to engage. The video tapped into current talks about gender and what society expects, making it all the more relevant.

Backlash from women


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Kriss Plshchk’s viral video, which called for more kindness among women, didn’t sit well with many female viewers. They said the video made things seem too simple and showed women in a negative light, as if they were generally less kind than men. Many viewers felt that the video placed unfair expectations on women to always be kind in public, more so than men.

This sparked a lot of discussion about gender norms and the role of social media in activism. People debated whether these videos help or add to the misunderstandings and pressures women face.

Response from TikToker

Kriss Plshchk

Defends stance

Despite strong criticism, Kriss Plshchk supports her view, saying her video aimed to promote positivity and unity among women. Kriss stressed that the video was meant to boost supportive interactions among women, not to judge or criticize how they naturally responded. She explained that people took her message wrong, seeing it as an attack on women instead of a plea for kindness. Kriss reaffirmed her dedication to building a positive community, underlining the need for solidarity. She asked her viewers to look at the bigger picture of unity rather than picking apart specific video elements.

Admits to making mistakes

Kriss Plshchk recently admitted she made some mistakes with her controversial video, which sparked quite a debate. After hearing a lot of criticism, Plshchk realized that her portrayal and message might have been misunderstood, simplifying the complex ways women interact on public streets.

She regrets that her video divided people instead of bringing them together. Her goal was to encourage kindness, but it seems she accidentally suggested some stereotypes about how genders behave. This acknowledgement is a big change for Plshchk. She’s taking this moment to reflect and learn from the experience.


Kriss Plshchk’s viral TikTok video sparked a considerable debate about gender stereotypes and what’s expected of women in public. While Kriss may have wanted to spread kindness, the strong reactions show that people are tired of simple stories about female friendships and rivalries.

We must discuss the big-picture problems that perpetuate these stereotypes. To really support and lift up women, we need to work together and better understand the issues instead of expecting individual women to fix everything on their own.

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