Why Is My TikTok Video Under Review? Common Reasons Explained

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  • Your video might break the rules if it shows things like explicit content or violence.
  • You could be using music, clips, or images that belong to someone else without permission.
  • If your video has hate speech, harmful behaviour, or suggests dangerous activities, that’s a problem.
  • Sometimes, technical problems or too much traffic on the site can cause a review.
  • Both computers and people are checking your video to make sure it follows the rules.

If your recent TikTok video is under review, you might be curious about why it’s being checked. Videos on TikTok are reviewed to make sure they follow the platform’s strict rules. If you’re a creator of TikTok, it’s important to know why your video might get put under review. Basically, when your video is under review, no one else can see it. That means no views, no likes, no comments — nothing until it’s cleared.

This happens because TikTok is checking to make sure your video follows all the rules of the community guidelines. If it’s stuck in review for too long, it could really affect how well your video does, since it’s not out there gathering attention.

Common Reasons for TikTok Video Under Review

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Violation of community guidelines

TikTok reviews videos to ensure they adhere to platform rules, prioritizing safety and respect. The review process involves both algorithms and human moderators. Videos failing to meet standards may be removed or kept under review until issues are addressed.

Copyright infringement

Copyright issues are a big reason why TikTok reviews videos. This review process helps TikTok follow the law and protect copyright owners’ rights. If a video breaks these rules, it might be taken down or the creator might need to change it.

Inappropriate content

TikTok reviews videos to ensure they follow community guidelines. This keeps the platform safe and welcoming for everyone. When a video has content that might be offensive, like explicit material or violent imagery, it goes through a review. If it breaks the rules, it might be removed or the creator could face a ban.

  • Explicit content:

    • Reason for Review: Against community norms.

    • Potential Action: Removal or restriction.

  • Violent images:

    • Reason for Review: Encourages harmful acts.

    • Potential Action: Immediate removal.

  • Hate speech:

    • Reason for Review: Promotes violence.

    • Potential Action: Suspension or ban.

Technical issues or glitches

Occasionally, technical problems can cause TikTok to review a video, even if it doesn’t break any rules. Here are some typical tech issues that might lead to this:

  1. Server Overloads: Sometimes, TikTok gets really busy. The low down on how videos are processed and may mistakenly flag them for review.

  2. Software Bugs: Now and then, TikTok’s system might not understand a video correctly or might just mess up. This can lead to videos being reviewed without a good reason.

  3. Update Lags: After TikTok updates, there might be some hiccups between the new versions, causing some videos to get flagged.

  4. Network Issues: If your internet connection is weak, it might not upload the video properly help understand see this incomplete or messed-up file and think it needs to be checked out.

The Process of TikTok Video Review

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It’s important for TikTok creators to kno videos get flagged for review if they want to keep or boost their visibility. The review process uses both automated systems and human checks to make sure videos follow the community rules. To ensure everyone’s safety and that all videos meet the rules, TikTok checks videos closely if they might break these rules. It’s good to know why videos get flagged so creators can make sure their videos fit within these guidelines.

  1. Expliaffectingvideo has nudity, sexual stuff, or graphic images; it’s flagged to keep that kind of content from being widely viewed.

  2. Violent or Dangerous Acts: Videos showing or making violence look good are flagged. This helps keep the platform safe.

  3. Hate Speech or Harassment videos involving harassment are checked to protect everyone from being treated unfairly right

  4.  Violations: If someone uses copyrighted material without permission or copies someone else’s work, that video gets flagged. This is about respecting who originally made the content.

How the review process works

The TikTok video review process checks every video carefully to make sure they follow the rules. When a mistreated video, or TikTok’s system, catches it, it goes through a detailed check. This process uses both technology and people to make sure nothing bad gets through, like explicit or violent content.

Trained moderators watch the video to see if it breaks any rules. The video might be put back, need more checking, or get removed depending on what. This helps keep TikTok safe and respectful for everyone.

What to Do if TikTok Video is Under Review

  • Contact TikTok support:

    • If your video remains under review for an extended period. Get TikTok support for assistance.

    • Navigate to settings in the app, select “Help and Support,” then “Report a Problem” to provide detailed information.

    • Ensure your app is up to date to prevent further issues.

  • Review content guidelines:

    • Familiarise yourself with TikTok’s content policies to understand what is permissible.

    • Scrutinise your video to identify any potential violations of these rules.

    • Make necessary adjustments to comply with guidelines before re-uploading the video.

  • Avoid posting ineligible content:

    • Adhere strictly to TikTok’s rules regarding explicit, violent, or spammy content.

    • Obtain proper permissions for music, clips, or images used in your videos.

    • Refrain from promoting unsafe behaviour and avoid hate speech, harassment, or misleading information.

    • If your video is flagged, refer to the guidelines to rectify any issues and ensure compliance. Compliance is essential not just to avoid trouble but also to maintain visibility and audience enjoyment.


To wrap it up, it’s key for TikTok creators to understand why videos get reviewed and how the process works. Stick to the community rules, use only music and clips you’re allowed to, and keep up with any new guidelines. Doing this can help avoid your videos being flagged for review. It’s all about making a safer, more respectful space online. When you play by vital rules, you avoid trouble and add something good to the community.

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