TikTok Famous Girls 2024: Discover The Most Influential Creators

Lucia Marginean

In 2024, TikTok remains a top player in social media, thanks to a group of diverse female creators. These women have built huge followings and significantly impacted online trends. They use their platforms to support important causes like mental health and social justice, turning their personal brands into powerful tools for advocacy. Their content mixes entertainment, education, and activism, connecting deeply with people worldwide.

List of 50 top TikTok girls in 2024 with follower count

Explore the top 50 TikTok girls of 2024, all thriving with vast numbers of followers that highlight their widespread appeal and influence.

Rank Username Followers (M)
1 @charlidamelio 151.5
2 @addisonre 84.6
3 @bellapoarch 82.9
4 @dixiedamelio 55.1
5 @lorengrey 54.1
6 @kimberly.loaiza 52.0
7 @avani 36.9
8 @itsjojosiwa 36.4
9 @kyliejenner 35.9
10 @babyariel 35.6
11 @briandadeyanara 29.4
12 @savv.labrant 29.1
13 @lizzza 28.7
14 @miakhalifa 28.1
15 @kirakosarin 27.4
16 @nianaguerrero 26.8
17 @arianagrande 25.7
18 @ignaciaa_antonia 24.7
19 @hannahstocking 24.5
20 @lelepons 24.5
21 @dina 24.1
22 @virginiafonseca 23.8
23 @karolsevillaokay 22.7
24 @karolg 22.1
25 @larissamanoela 22.1
26 @juliamenugarcia 21.8
27 @celinaspookyboo 21.5
28 @mackenzieziegler 21.5
29 @laurengodwin 21.4
30 @zoelaverne 21.3
31 @daniellecohn 19.2
32 @addisoneasterling 18.8
33 @julesleblanc 18.4
34 @officialsalicerose 16.9
35 @chloe.moriondo 16.2
36 @avamax 15.7
37 @chloegracemor 15.2
38 @dualipa 14.9
39 @sabrinacarpenter 14.1
40 @jojjebean 13.9
41 @lunalaurenn 13.6
42 @chileechillin 13.2
43 @xosarahxo 12.9
44 @charligameio 12.7
45 @ariwestrvrs 12.5
46 @amurphystudios 12.3
47 @smilerdancer 12.1
48 @jessaynelson 11.9
49 @lillysinghms 11.7
50 @tarafav 11.5

Why Are These TikTok Girls So Popular?

TikTok’s top female influencers are trendy for a few simple reasons. They make unique and creative videos that speak to people, making them feel like they’re connecting with a friend. Plus, they have a lot of followers, which helps them get deals with brands, making them even more well-known.

Their unique content and creativity

It’s all about their unique and engaging content. Charli D’Amelio is known for her impressive dance moves. Addison Rae mixes dance with personal vlogs, attracting a wider audience. Loren Gray combines her TikTok videos with her music career, creating a rich multimedia experience. JoJo Siwa stands out with her lively and colourful style, which is especially appealing to kids. Each of these creators has found success by embracing trends, coming up with new ideas, and consistently offering a mix of fun and creativity that draws in millions from all over the globe.

Relatability and engagement with the audience

Relatability and natural interaction with their audience are essential for the success of TikTok influencers worldwide. They connect personally and engage actively with their followers through comments, livestreams, and direct messages, which helps build online communities. Such connections create a loyal fanbase that shares in the influencers’ journeys, boosting their appeal and impact.


In 2024, these TikTok creators show us how digital influence is changing. They pull in huge crowds with genuine and engaging content, which shows how important social media is in shaping what we like and buy today. These influencers aren’t just popular on TikTok; they set trends and sway markets, making them key players in the digital world. Their success proves how powerful these online platforms can be in making someone famous.

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