The Future Child Filter Trend on TikTok: Step-by-Step Guide

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  • First, install TikTok and CapCut from your App Store or Google Play.
  • Next, open TikTok and search for the ‘future baby’ trend to find the CapCut template.
  • Choose a clear, well-lit photo from your gallery for the CapCut Future Child Filter.
  • In CapCut, tweak your video by adjusting visuals and adding text or music to make it engaging.
  • Finally, post your video on TikTok under the ‘future baby’ trend to draw views and join in the fun.

TikTok keeps topping the charts, and now there’s a new craze: the ‘Future Baby’ filter. It’s pretty cool—developed by CapCut, which is part of ByteDance, just like TikTok. This filter uses AI to guess what your future kids might look like. Everyone’s trying it out because it’s fun and sparks curiosity. You take a look at what might come in your family life, then share it on TikTok.

Steps to Master the Future Child Filter Trend on TikTok

the Future Child Filter Trend

To get started with the future child filter trend on TikTok, you’ll need to download both the CapCut  and the TikTok app. Once that’s done, open TikTok and search for the ‘future baby’ trend to find the right CapCut template. Then, in CapCut, you can add your own photos to the template. This lets you create a video showing what your future child might look like.

Download TikTok and CapCut

TikTok and CapCut

To participate in the Future Child Filter trend on TikTok, you’ll need to download TikTok and CapCut on your phone.

You can get TikTok from either the App Store or Google Play. Once you have TikTok, your next step is to download CapCut.

It’s available for free on both Android and iOS. Just go to your app store, search for CapCut, and hit download.

Once both apps are installed, you’re all set to start creating fun videos with the Future Child Filter on TikTok.

Search for the “future baby” trend

future baby

After downloading TikTok and CapCut, you’ll want to explore the ‘future baby’ trend to find the right filter template.

Start by opening TikTok and hitting the Discover icon, which looks like a magnifying glass.

Then, type ‘future baby trend’ or something similar in the search bar. This will pull up a bunch of videos linked to this trend.

Keep an eye out for videos that mention the CapCut template in their descriptions or captions.

Often, these videos will have a direct link to the CapCut template. Just click on this link, and it’ll take you straight to the CapCut app.

Use the CapCut filter

CapCut template link.

To try the ‘future baby’ trend on TikTok, find the video and click on the CapCut template link.

In the CapCut app, click ‘Use template’ and pick a photo from your gallery. The AI will use this photo to guess what your future child might look like. Make sure the photo is clear and bright to help the AI work best.

Edit and share your video

After you’ve uploaded your photo and applied the future child filter, the next step is to edit the video in CapCut. This will help you make sure it looks just right before you share it on TikTok. \

Tips for Using the Future Child Filter on TikTok

Experiment with different photos

Trying out different photos can really spice up the results you get from the future child filter on TikTok. When you switch up the images, you get to see all sorts of possible outcomes, which is pretty fun.

Try the filter on different faces

When you use the future child filter on different faces on TikTok, it’s really fun to see what kinds of kids it imagines. This filter lets you mix up various features and see the AI in action, helping us understand how flexible the technology is. It’s interesting to see how the filter handles different faces and expressions, and you end up with a bunch of unique results.

Have fun and be creative

Using the future child filter lets you play around with AI and unleash your creativity. It’s a fun way to mix technology with your own flair, helping you stand out on TikTok. Here’s how you can spice up your creative process:

  • Try Out Different Settings: Use photos from different times in your life or with varying expressions. It’s interesting to see how the AI changes things up.
  • Write Simple Captions: Add captions that imagine the future of the child. This makes your videos more engaging and relatable.
  • Throw in Some Fun Extras: Adding props or sticking to a theme can make your videos more lively and creative.


In conclusion, the Future Baby Filter on TikTok is a prime example of how artificial intelligence can spice up our social media fun. Let’s sum it up: Getting into this trend could make your TikTok posts stand out, thanks to some clever AI technology that lets you create content that everyone will want to share.

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