What Do The Stars On Snap Map Actually Represent?

Lucia Marginean

  • On Snap Map, stars show how active a user is. They change depending on how fast someone is moving.
  • You’ll see more stars if someone moves quickly, like driving or travelling.
  • When someone isn’t moving much, like if they’re sitting around or asleep, you’ll see fewer stars.
  • The number of stars can also vary depending on where someone is and the time of day.

Have you noticed the stars that appear on Snap Map? These little stars are a fun way to get a quick idea of what your friends are up to. The number of stars you see changes based on how active someone is and whether they’re just hanging out or on the move. It’s an interactive feature that keeps things interesting on Snap Map!

What Do The Stars On Snap Map Represent?

Changing based on location, time of day, and speed

When you use Snap Map, the stars around your Actionmoji change depending on where you are, the time, and how fast you’re moving. It’s a cool way to see what you’re up to during the day.

For example, if you’re zipping through town, you’ll see more stars around your Actionmoji. This shows you’re active. If you stay in one place too long, the stars won’t show up as much.

Reflecting on activities such as driving, hanging out, travelling, sleeping, etc

Snapchat Driving Activity

On Snap Map, stars show what users are up to—like driving, hanging out, travelling, or sleeping. This uses Actionmojis, fun versions of Bitmojis that change with your activities.

For example, your Bitmoji might be shown in a car if you’re driving or on a plane when you’re travelling. This makes Snap Map more interactive and lets friends quickly see what you’re doing.


To summarise, the tools and options we’ve discussed make Snapchat a more interactive and private space for users. Take the stars on Snap Map, for example. They show when users are active and encourage friends to connect more. It’s fun to see who’s around and what they’re doing. And when it comes to keeping things private, features like Ghost Mode are key. They let users decide whether to be seen or stay hidden, giving them comfort in using the app.

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