What Does SSB Mean? How To Use This Term on Snapchat?

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  • On Snapchat, ‘SSB’ usually means ‘Send Snap Back.’ It’s a way to ask for a reply to keep the chat lively.
  • Sometimes, ‘SSB’ might mean ‘Secret Single Behavior,’ which is about those quirky things you do when no one’s watching.
  • In other cases, especially among gamers, ‘SSB’ could refer to ‘Super Smash Bros.,’ a popular video game.
  • Understanding what ‘SSB’ means depends a lot on the context of the conversation.
  • Using ‘SSB’ the right way can really help keep your Snapchat chats engaging and clear.

The acronym ‘SSB’ has different meanings depending on where you look. For gamers, ‘SSB’ usually means ‘Super Smash Bros,’ a famous video game series from Nintendo. It’s a big deal in the gaming world, especially on platforms like Twitter, where fans chat about the latest game strategies, character updates, and tournament news.

In a completely different context, ‘SSB’ also stands for ‘Secret Single Behavior.’ This term comes from the TV show ‘Sex and the City.’ It’s about the funny little things people do when no one else is around. These are the personal quirks that everyone has but usually keeps to themselves.

Understanding the Definition of “SSB” on Snapchat

The main meaning: “Send snap back”

Send snap back

Understanding ‘SSB’ on Snapchat is key to good chats. It means ‘Send Snap Back.’ When someone uses ‘SSB,’ they want you to snap them back, keeping the conversation going. It’s a simple way to stay connected and build ‘Snapstreaks,’ which count how many days in a row you snap with a friend. Using ‘SSB’ keeps things lively and encourages more interaction.

Other possible meanings: “Secret Single Behavior,” “Super Smash Bros.”

Secret Single Behavior

‘SSB’ usually means ‘Send Snap Back’ on Snapchat, but it can mean other things too.

For instance, in ‘Sex and the City’, it stands for ‘Secret Single Behavior,’ which refers to the quirky things someone might do when they’re alone. In the gaming world, ‘SSB’ is short for ‘Super Smash Bros.’, a popular fighting game series by Nintendo.

How to Use “SSB” on Snapchat

SSB on Snapchat

As a request for the other person to send a snap back

To make the most of ‘SSB’ on Snapchat, start your snap by clearly asking for a reply. This keeps the chat lively and builds stronger connections. When you use ‘SSB’ in your snap, you’re simply asking your friend to send one back. It’s an easy and direct way to communicate. Just make sure to use ‘SSB’ clearly so there’s no confusion.

As a way to express a secret or private behaviour

Using ‘SSB’ on Snapchat is a subtle way to talk about personal habits or activities that you might want to keep private. This acronym helps users share their unique behaviours without giving away too much information to everyone on Snapchat. Here’s a simple table to show how ‘SSB’ can be used in different situations:

As a reference to the video game “Super Smash Bros.”

When talking about ‘SSB’ on Snapchat, referring to ‘Super Smash Bros.’, it’s good to know how this abbreviation brings players together. Using ‘SSB’ helps create a community vibe, letting users share game clips, updates, and their own wins.

For example, someone might post a snap of their latest win, adding ‘SSB’ to show it’s about the game. This makes it easier for other gamers to connect and share the fun. It’s a simple way to keep the game’s spirit alive and strengthen friendships through gaming.


Knowing what SSB means on different platforms helps us communicate better in a connected world. On Snapchat, SSB means ‘Send Snap Back,’ which keeps conversations lively. In shows like Sex and the City, SSB stands for Secret Single Behavior, the little things we do alone that we don’t share. In gaming, SSB is short for Super Smash Bros, a favourite among gamers. Understanding these meanings can prevent mix-ups and make our online talks more meaningful.

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