What Exactly Are Snapchats Cameos And How To Use Them?

Lucia Marginean

  • Snapchat Cameos turn your selfies into quick, fun videos in messages.
  • To make one, snap a selfie and pick a scene you like.
  • They make chatting more fun by letting you add your own messages.
  • You can change your selfie and scene often to keep things interesting.
  • Snapchat lets you make two-person Cameos too to include a friend in your videos.

Snapchat Cameos lets you turn your selfies into fun, animated videos. It uses facial recognition to put you in the action, making short, funny clips you can share in chats. People love to see and share personalised content, and Cameos make chatting more engaging and creative. It’s worth taking a closer look at how these tools change how we talk to each other online.

What are Snapchat Cameos?

Snapchat Cameos lets you make personalised animated videos. You can put your face into different fun scenes. Technology turns your selfies into short clips, making chatting fun.

You can choose from many video scenes to show your feelings in a lively way. Snapchat wants to make chatting better. It lets you share feelings and reactions in a fun and visual way. Cameos mix texting with videos, making messages more interesting.

How to create a Cameo selfie?

Tap the Cameo’s icon in a chat to make a Cameo selfie. Then, follow the simple steps on your screen to take your selfie. This cool feature turns your selfie into a cartoon-like character. You can then use this character in different fun scenes to chat with your friends.

create a Cameo selfie

Select A Cameo

Take A Selfie

Pick Gender For Cameo


Cameos Character

How to change your Cameo selfie?

To change your Snapchat Cameo selfie, go to your profile settings. Click on ‘Cameos’ and then select ‘Change My Cameo Selfie.’ Confirm to update. Your new selfie will now appear in all your future Cameo messages.

How to Use Snapchat Cameos?

Sending Cameos in chat

Sending a Snapchat Cameo is simple. You pick a video, add your message, and share it with friends. It’s fun to chat using a digital version of yourself or with a friend in a duo Cameo.


In conclusion, Snapchat’s Cameos feature is a clever mix of high-tech and personal fun. It lets people use advanced technology to put their own faces into video templates, making funny and lively clips. Some find it funny, others think it’s odd, but everyone agrees the technology behind it is impressive.

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