What Exactly Is the Snapchat Tap to Load Prank?

Lucia Marginean

  • The Snapchat Tap-to-Load Prank involves sending a fake snap that looks like it’s stuck on the loading screen.
  • When friends tap on it, they expect it to load, but it just stays the same. It can be pretty funny because they keep trying to get it to work.
  • This joke works because it uses the Snapchat loading screen that everyone is used to. Friends think they’re waiting for a real snap to appear.
  • To pull off this prank, just send a picture that looks like the Snapchat loading screen to someone.
  • It’s funny because everyone using Snapchat expects snaps to download automatically, so they’re easily fooled.

Snapchat’s tap-to-load prank uses the app’s automatic download feature for a bit of fun. Here’s how it works: you send a fake image that looks like it’s trying to load, but it never does. This plays on the usual experience where snaps seem to be downloading, setting up your friends for a moment of anticipation. Then, they realize it’s just a joke when the snap doesn’t load at all.

What is the Snapchat Tap-to-Load Prank?

Tap to load

Sending a fake snap with the words “tap to load”

Sending a fake snap that says ‘tap to load’ is all about pulling a quick joke on your friends. It’s called the Snapchat Tap-to-Load Prank. Here’s what happens: You send a picture that looks just like the usual Snapchat loading screen. Your friends think they’re waiting for a real snap to show up, but there’s nothing coming. They keep tapping and waiting, and nothing happens.

How to Do the Tap-to-Load Snapchat Prank

Download the appropriate image

To pull off the tap-to-load prank on Snapchat, start by finding a realistic loading screen image online. This image should closely resemble the actual Snapchat loading screen to make the prank believable. Aim for a high-quality image that looks just like the real thing.

You can find such images on websites or forums where Snapchat users share their experiences or prank ideas. These places often have the latest updates on what the current Snapchat interface looks like, helping you get the perfect image to trick someone into thinking they have a new snap to open.

Send it to a friend

Send it to a friend

Choose an image that looks just like the Snapchat loading screen and send it to a friend to start your prank. Just open Snapchat, go to your friend’s chat, and hit the photos icon. Pick the tap-to-load image you saved and send it off. Choose a friend who knows Snapchat well; they’re more likely to fall for it because they’re used to the look of the loading screens. This step is key to getting that funny mix-up you’re aiming for.


The Snapchat Tap-to-Load prank shows how people like to play around with digital communication. It’s a simple trick where a user pretends a picture won’t load unless you tap on it. This messes with what we expect when we use apps and shows how we interact with each other online. It’s interesting to see how social media keeps changing and lets people be creative in fun, harmless ways. Understanding how these platforms work and how people use them helps us connect and have a good time together.

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