All About Snapchat Planets: Understanding Their Meaning And Order

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Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind Snapchat’s mysterious planets? Snapchat+ has introduced a fun way to see friendships as planets. This blog will guide you through understanding these cosmic symbols and their order in your friend list.

Keep reading to decode the Snapchat universe!

What are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets are a fun way to see how close you are with your friends. They use planets, like in our solar system, to show who is closest to you on Snapchat.

The Friend Solar System

Mercury means someone is your top friend because you talk the most with them. Then it goes down to Neptune for the eighth closest pal.

Different colors and shapes show which planet your friend is, making it easy to see who you’re closest to at a glance. The more you snap and chat with someone, the closer their planet moves towards being Mercury in your solar system.

It’s all about interaction, making those daily snaps count towards strengthening your bond or moving up in rank among friends.

Meaning of Each Planet

Every planet in Snapchat’s solar system stands for a spot on your friends list – from your closest friend to others further away. Find out who ranks where in your universe!

Mercury (closest friend)

Mercury stands for your top friend on Snapchat. This is the person you chat and share snaps with the most over the weeks. They become your number one pal, making them very special in your circle.

Your closest companion gets Mercury because you two are always talking or sending pictures back and forth more than with anyone else.

Venus (second best friend)

Venus stands out in the Snapchat Friend Solar System with its swirling light brown color, wrapped in multicolored hearts of pink, yellow, and light blue. This beautiful planet represents your second-best friend on the app.

The closer you are to someone, the nearer they move to the sun in your Snapchat solar system. So, Venus being close shows you’re really good friends but have one person even closer.

With Venus as a symbol for that special second spot in friendship, it’s clear how important this person is to your daily chats and snaps. Next up is Earth, where we see who lands in the third-best friend position.

Earth (third best friend)

Earth stands as the third best friend in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System. It shows up with its unique blue and green colors, continents you can spot right away, four red hearts, and a small moon floating nearby.

This planet’s spot near the sun tells us how close you are to being someone’s top friend.

This closeness means Earth is like your bronze medal in friendship on Snapchat. Being on this planet for someone is special because it shows you’re really important to them. The blue and green coloring makes Earth easy to see among other planets in your friend list.

Mars (fourth best friend)

Mars shines bright as your fourth best friend in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System. This Red Planet, close to the sun, shows who lands just outside your top three friends. Its color and features tell us about this unique spot on your friend list.

The closer a planet is to the sun, including Mars, the stronger your friendship with that user.

Snapchat uses planets like Mars to show friendship levels clearly and simply. If Mars is next to someone’s name, it means you share a lot of snaps with them but not as much as those in your top three spots.

This method helps you see at a glance who shares and chats with you most often – making Mars an important part of understanding connections on Snapchat.

Jupiter (fifth best friend)

After exploring Mars as the fourth best buddy, we move one step further to Jupiter, the fifth closest friend in your Snapchat solar system. This giant planet is special because it’s orange and stands out with no hearts around it.

It marks a middle ground in your friendship ranking on Snapchat.

Jupiter shows who makes it to number five on your list. Think of it as holding a spot for someone you share plenty of snaps with, but maybe not as much as those closer planets. The bond here is strong enough to earn them a prime position, just outside your top four friends.

With Jupiter, friendships take on new heights – Hisan Kidwai explains.

Saturn (sixth best friend)

Saturn stands for the sixth closest friend in your Snapchat solar system. It’s easy to spot because it has a unique orange color and is famous for its rings, which no other planet shares.

This makes Saturn special in your list of friends on social media. Unlike the planets closer to you, Saturn does not have hearts around it, showing that while this friend is important, they might not be as close as those represented by Mercury or Venus.

This orange planet with rings shows up sixth in line among your celestial bodies of friendship. Seeing its color and shape tells you who sits at number six in terms of closeness on Snapchat.

In the vast space of social connections, each planet has a meaning, and finding Saturn means you’ve reached a point where relationships are still valued but show a different kind of bond compared to your very closest friends.

Uranus (seventh best friend)

Uranus stands for your seventh best friend in the Snapchat solar system. It’s special because it is green and doesn’t have any hearts around it. This makes Uranus different from other planets.

Each planet shows a level of friendship. In this case, Uranus means someone is your seventh closest buddy.

Next, we explore Neptune, the eighth best friend spot in this social media universe.

Neptune (eighth best friend)

Neptune stands as the last friend in your Snapchat solar system. It shows up bright blue, full of swirling shades that look like ocean waves. This planet tells you who is the eighth closest buddy in your circle of friends on Snapchat.

Being far from the sun, Neptune’s position makes clear how distant—or close—you are to this friend on the app.

Neptune in your Snapchat universe marks a cosmic friendship that’s colorful and distant, yet meaningful.


Snapchat planets make chatting fun by showing how close you are to friends. Each planet means something special, from your best buddy to friend number eight. You get a cool way to see your friendships grow and change.

So, keep snapping and watch your friend’s solar system evolve! This feature adds a cosmic twist to messaging, making it exciting to track who’s closest in your space!

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