Why Did My Snapchat Heart Emoji Disappear? Here’s Why

Lucia Marginean

  • If you’re not snapping a friend as much, the heart emoji might vanish.
  • Sometimes, updates or bugs in Snapchat can make emojis disappear.
  • If someone else becomes your top friend on Snapchat, it can reset your emojis.
  • Not keeping up a Snapstreak can also cause the heart emoji to go away.
  • If you change your emoji settings, you might lose the emojis you had before.

Why are Snapchat heart emojis so important for showing how online friendships work? These hearts aren’t just for looks; they tell us a lot about who is friends with whom on the app. You see, the Yellow, Red, and Pink Hearts each mean a different level of friendship. How often and exclusively friends chat with each other determines which heart they get.

Understanding the Disappearance of the Snapchat Heart Emoji

The Snapchat Heart Emoji suddenly vanished. Some think this happened because of app bugs or problems with Snapstreaks or Best Friend status.

App Glitches Leading to Missing Emojis

Snapchat App Glitches

App glitches, like when Snapchat heart emojis disappear, can be annoying and mess up how we use the app. These problems might be caused by updates, server issues, or bugs in the app. When emojis go missing, it changes how we interact and connect with others on Snapchat. The folks at Snapchat know about these issues and are on it, fixing things up. They suggest letting them know if these problems keep happening.

These hiccups usually don’t last long, but they show how tricky it is to keep an app like Snapchat running smoothly. We just need to hang in there while they sort things out, so we can keep having fun and chatting on the platform.

Changes in Snapstreaks and Best Friend Status


Best Friend status on Snapchat

Understanding Snapstreaks and Best Friend status on Snapchat can help us figure out why the heart emoji might disappear. Snapstreaks show that friends are chatting every day. If they stop chatting daily, the heart emoji, which shows they’re close friends, might go away. Best Friend status changes depending on how often and how much friends snap at each other. This status can change quickly if the snapping habit changes. These points highlight how relationships on Snapchat can change and how these changes are shown through emojis.

Steps to Retrieve the Snapchat Heart Emoji

Maintain Regular Snaps and Communication

To get the Snapchat Red Heart emoji back, you need to be each other’s number one Snapchat buddies for two weeks straight. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Snap each other every day.
  • Reply quickly to each other’s snaps.
  • Keep things fun by sharing special content or doing challenges together.
  • Make sure you snap more with them than with anyone else.

Reach Out to Snapchat Support for Help

Snapchat Support

If you’re having trouble with the Snapchat heart emoji, you should contact Snapchat support for help.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Snapchat app and go to the settings menu.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘I Need Help’ under ‘Support’.

This will take you to the support page, where you can find helpful articles or click on ‘Contact Us.’ Pick the problem that matches yours, like ‘Snapstreaks’, and follow the steps to send a detailed report. Remember to mention when you last saw the heart emoji to give the support team a clear picture of your issue.


When the heart emoji on Snapchat disappears, it’s usually because you’re not chatting with that friend as much, or Snapchat changed how its emojis work. Keep talking regularly with your friends if you want to keep the heart emoji. Also, keep an eye on Snapchat’s updates about how these emojis are used. If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact Snapchat Support. They can help sort things out.

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