What’s The Skinwalker Trend On TikTok: All You Need To Know

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  • TikTok videos show skinwalkers, which are evil witches from Navajo stories. These witches can turn into animals.
  • This trend makes ghost stories and Native American tales very popular, drawing in millions of viewers.
  • Often, these videos show creepy scenes where someone suddenly changes into a strange mix of human and animal.
  • The Navajo Nation isn’t happy with this trend. They say it twists and disrespects their cultural beliefs.

The recent spike in TikTok videos about skinwalkers has grabbed the attention of millions. These videos dive into a piece of Navajo folklore, where skinwalkers, known in Navajo as yee naaldlooshii, are seen as harmful witches. They can change into, take over, or disguise themselves as animals. In Navajo culture, these beings are traditionally feared and are tied to the misuse of sacred rituals and spiritual decay.

What is the Skinwalker Trend on TikTok?

Skinwalker Trend on TikTok

A creepy new trend

Skinwalker videos are all over TikTok these days. They show spooky scenes and claim to capture strange events linked to mythical creatures. People post videos with shadowy, scary places, saying they’ve encountered weird beings or heard noises that can’t be explained.

Rooted in Navajo culture

Originally called ‘yee naaldlooshii,’ meaning ‘he who walks on all fours,’ these beings are said to transform into animals by wearing their skins.

In Navajo communities, these stories were often shared quietly because they are considered dark and ominous. Now, on TikTok, they’re a hit. Content creators dive into these spooky tales, sharing them with people worldwide.

Belief in witch-like beings

Belief in witch-like beings, such as skinwalkers, is growing on TikTok. These stories of shape-shifting and spooky encounters fascinate many. Rooted in indigenous folklore, they stir curiosity and fear, appearing in many viral videos.

Ability to transform into animals


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Skinwalkers, from Navajo stories, can turn into different animals. It’s not just about changing shape. When they transform, they gain the animal’s skills. Imagine having a wolf’s speed or an eagle’s sharp vision. These transformations are a big part of their story, often linked to dark deeds. On TikTok, people are really into this. Videos show these sudden, strange changes or creepy half-animal, half-human figures. It grabs your attention, right?

Examining the Controversies of the Skinwalker Trend

The Effect on Navajo Cultural Beliefs and Practices


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The skinwalker trend on platforms like TikTok has greatly affected Navajo culture. It has turned sacred and powerful beliefs into mere entertainment. This not only shows a lack of respect but also spreads wrong information about Navajo traditions. As a result, the Navajo community feels uncomfortable and asks for more respect and sensitivity.


This trend dives into Navajo folklore, but we must consider how we use stories from other cultures. Everyone making and watching these videos must understand where these beliefs come from and what they mean. We should all try to learn more and show respect when discussing these cultural stories. This helps everyone have a better and more respectful conversation about them.

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