How To ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ On TikTok? Viral Trend Explained!

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The internet is constantly changing, and a new TikTok trend is catching everyone’s eye. It’s called the ‘show your room off like a cool girl’ trend, started by comedian Ellen Harrold. It all began with one funny video; now it’s a big hit.

As this trend spreads across different platforms, it shows just how powerful viral content can be. It’s changing the way we interact online and the kind of style we value, making everything feel more personal and relatable.

What is the ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ Trend on TikTok

Origin of the trend


She went surfing 🤣 @Barstool Outdoors (via:@ellen harrold)

♬ original sound – ellen harrold

In February, the ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ trend started with a funny TikTok video by comedian Ellen Harrold. It quickly caught on, with millions loving the idea and sharing their takes.

In her video, Ellen Harrold poked fun at how cool girls seem to show off their rooms effortlessly. Her relaxed style and surfer chick vibe really connected with people. She just casually pointed out parts of her room, perfectly capturing that cool girl feel.

Now, even guys, humorously called ‘cool dudes,’ are getting into it, making the trend more widespread and inclusive.

How to Participate in the ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ Trend?

Creating a visually appealing room


my HOME #fyp

♬ roses – favsoundds

Jumping into the ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ trend on TikTok means making your space look great and feel personal. Start by cleaning up. A messy room pulls focus, so tidy up and organise.

Then, consider lighting. Good natural light makes everything look better, but soft lamps can also add a cosy vibe. Pick colours that feel calm and chic. Arrange your furniture smartly—it should look good and work well. Add some life with plants, art, or interesting little items. These touches make your room inviting and great for photos.

Showcasing your personality and style

When you want to show off your personality and style in your room for the ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ trend on TikTok, pick decor that really says something about you. It’s also about colours and themes that tell your story. When someone sees your room, they should immediately get a sense of who you are. To nail this trend, you need to put everything together in a way that feels both welcoming and authentically you.

Using popular music and editing techniques


Most unique room tour on the app 😭 (@Emma Neilsen) #bedroom #roomtour #house #unique #cool #hoest

♬ original sound – Hoest

After you’ve personalised your room, adding popular music and sharp editing can really boost your TikTok room tour. Use trending songs to catch the viewer’s attention right away, making your room reveal more exciting.

You can also use editing apps like Adobe Premiere Rush or TikTok’s tools to smooth transitions and add effects. This brings your room’s story to life in a visually appealing way. Make sure your cuts are clean and match the beat of the music. This highlights the best parts of your room and keeps the video moving quickly.

Utilise popular hashtags

If you want more reach on your reel, using the right hashtags is key. Try tags like #CoolGirlRoom, #RoomTour, and #TikTokTrend. They help categorise your videos and attract more viewers.

Hashtags work like clickable links that help new followers find your stuff, boosting your chances of going viral. Also, adding specific tags like #RoomTourChallenge or #SurfboardVibes links your video with the broader community that loves this kind of content. Picking the right hashtags helps your room tour get noticed on a busy TikTok feed.


To summarise, joining the ‘Show Your Room Off Like A Cool Girl’ trend on TikTok is about showing who you are and making your space look great. You need to decorate your room to show off what you love and look good on camera. Use videos and photos to make your room pop and catch people’s attention. This trend is significant because it lets you be creative and helps more people see your style online. It’s a fun way to be part of a big, creative community.

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