How To Effectively Remove a Hickey Using a Whisk: A TikTok Trend

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  • First, make sure both the whisk and the area around the hickey are clean. This will help prevent infection.
  • Next, gently roll the whisk over the hickey using circular motions. This helps break up the blood clots.
  • Remember to use only light pressure to avoid making the bruise worse or irritating your skin.
  • You can also use a cold compress along with the whisk. This helps reduce swelling and promotes healing.
  • Keep each session short, just a few minutes, to avoid too much redness or swelling.

Hickeys can be a bit of an embarrassing problem. They show up after intense kissing and leave bruises because they break tiny blood vessels under your skin. Most people want to get rid of them fast. They’re usually harmless, but still, who wants to walk around with a hickey?

TikTok Hickey Whisk Trend: What You Need to Know

TikTok Hickey Whisk Trend

The TikTok hickey whisk trend is all over the internet. People are using kitchen whisks to try and heal hickeys faster by boosting blood flow. But, doctors are worried. They say it’s mostly safe, but if you’re not careful, you might end up irritating your skin or even making the bruise worse. Knowing why it’s popular is one thing, but it’s also crucial to understand why it might not be the best idea.

How to Effectively Remove a Hickey Using a Whisk

Using a kitchen whisk to fade hickeys has become a hit on TikTok. Here’s how you can try it:

  • Grab any regular whisk from your kitchen.
  • Clean both the whisk and the area around the hickey to prevent any kind of infection.
  • Then, gently roll it over the hickey in small, consistent circles.

This motion is thought to spread out the clotted blood under the skin, helping the hickey heal faster and look less noticeable. This technique tends to work better on new hickeys, as it can break up the blood before it settles deep into the skin.

Potential risks and safety concerns

Using Whisk Potential harm

The TikTok trend of using a whisk to remove hickeys has become popular. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with this method. Dermatologists warn that using a whisk in this way can irritate your skin or even cause small scrapes if not used carefully. The rough movement of the whisk might make the bruise bigger or create tiny tears in your skin, slowing down the healing process.

Furthermore, whisks from your kitchen can carry germs that may lead to infections, especially if your skin gets scraped during the process. It is crucial to clean the whisk thoroughly before attempting this method at home to avoid any potential problems.

Remove a Hickey Using a Whisk

Why it may work?

The TikTok trend of using a whisk to remove hickeys might actually work. Here’s why: when you get a hickey, it’s because blood vessels under your skin have broken, and blood has pooled and clotted there.

Viral TikTok videos show that a whisk can break up these clots. By gently pressing and moving the whisk in circles, you spread out the blood under the skin, helping the bruise fade faster.

Doctors say this method boosts blood flow to the spot, helping your body heal naturally. But remember, don’t press too hard or you might make the bruise worse.

Other potential ways to reduce or get rid of a hickey

get rid of a hickey using makeup

The whisk method is one way to tackle a hickey, but there are other good strategies too. Right after you get a hickey, try applying ice. This can help by tightening up the blood vessels and keeping the swelling down. If it’s been more than two days, switch to a warm compress. This helps spread out the blood and can speed up the healing process. A gentle massage around the hickey might also help break up the blood clot.

If you need to cover it up quickly, makeup is your friend. Start with a green-tinted concealer to take care of the redness, then use a foundation that matches your skin tone to blend it in. Each method has its strengths, and using them together might give you the best result in making a hickey less noticeable.


In conclusion, using a whisk to minimize the look of a hickey is an interesting mix of old-school remedies and new social media trends. This method can work well if you do it right. However, it’s crucial to be gentle on your skin and maybe add other treatments like cold compresses and specific creams.

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