How To Recover My Eyes Only Pictures On Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide

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Losing “My Eyes Only” pictures on Snapchat can feel like a big problem. Luckily, there’s hope for getting those photos back. This article guides you through the steps to recover these special snaps.

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Understanding My Eyes Only on Snapchat

Snapchat’s My Eyes Only feature helps users keep their private photos safe. People can save special pictures in a photo vault with a password. This keeps the content secure and lets people choose who sees their personal memories.

This option is great for keeping important moments hidden from regular snaps or stories. It offers peace of mind, knowing that personal photos are locked away but still easy to access when wanted.

How to Recover My Eyes Only Pictures on Snapchat

Lost your My Eyes Only pictures on Snapchat? Don’t worry. There are ways to get them back, whether you use Android or iOS.

Method 1) Steps to Recover “My Eyes Only” Pictures on Snapchat Using File Browser (Android)

  • Open File app or File browser.
  • Go to Android/data folder.
  • Find Snapchat data or folder. Open it.
  • Look for file ending in .nomedia.
  • Delete .nomedia file.
  • Your data will restore to Snapchat account.

Method 2) Steps to Recover “My Eyes Only” Pictures on Snapchat (iOS and Android)

  • Open Snapchat app. Log in.
  • Tap profile icon in top left.
  • Click Settings icon.
  • Scroll to Privacy tab.
  • Under Privacy, find My Data option. Tap it.
  • Sign into Snapchat account again.
  • Request data recovery from Snapchat server.
  • Download recovered data.

How to Reset Your My Eyes Only Password on Snapchat

If you forget your My Eyes Only password, don’t worry. Snapchat lets you reset it easily, but be ready to lose saved photos in that space.

Steps to reset password

So, you forgot your My Eyes Only password on Snapchat. Not a problem! Here’s how to reset it and what to keep in mind.

Firstly, know that resetting your password means you’ll lose everything saved in My Eyes Only. This is about keeping your data safe. Now, let’s go through the steps together.

  1. Open Snapchat and head to the Memories section.
  2. Swipe right until you find My Eyes Only.
  3. Tap ‘Options’ at the bottom right.
  4. Choose ‘Forgot Passcode.’
  5. Enter your Snapchat account password when asked.
  6. Read the warning about losing your current data in My Eyes Only. Agree if you’re okay with this.
  7. Create a new passcode for My Eyes Only.

Always pick a strong passcode that you can recall easily but others can’t guess. This helps with both access control and data protection, ensuring your memories are safe yet accessible to you alone.

Reasons for Losing My Eyes Only Pictures

Sometimes, we lose our special pictures in My Eyes Only because we forget the passcode. Other times, they disappear by accident or due to phone troubles.

Forgetting passcode

Forgetting the passcode to “My Eyes Only” on Snapchat means losing access to protected photos. You entered a special code to keep things private, but now that it’s forgotten, those memories are locked away.

Snapchat can’t help get them back because they don’t know your photos. This is all about keeping your stuff secure.

If you reset this forgotten passcode, be ready for a big change—all your saved pictures go poof! Gone forever. It’s a tough rule but it’s there to protect your privacy and ensure no one else can peek into your secured folder without permission.

So think hard before hitting that reset button; what’s lost can’t come back in this case.

Accidental deletion

Just as forgetting a passcode can lock you out of your precious snapshots, accidental deletion is another common mishap that leads to losing My Eyes Only pictures on Snapchat. It’s easy to accidentally tap the wrong button and say goodbye to sensitive photos.

This mistake can make anyone upset. People often find themselves mistakenly erasing important memories without meaning to.

Accidental removal doesn’t mean the pictures are gone for good. Many users experience this frustration after unintentionally removing sensitive content from their accounts. The key here is not to panic.

There are steps you can take to try and get those private photos back into your secure folder, giving you a chance to recover what was lost by accident.

Technical issues

Sometimes, technical issues can make you lose your “My Eyes Only” pictures. Your phone might glitch, Snapchat could have a bug, or there’s a problem with your internet connection. These tech troubles are beyond your control and can lead to data loss.

Recovering from these setbacks needs quick action since time matters in getting those photos back.

Act fast to recover lost Snaps due to technical glitches.


Recovering “My Eyes Only” pictures on Snapchat can feel tricky, but it’s doable. Follow each step carefully, and soon your hidden memories could be back in view. Whether using a file browser or asking Snapchat for help, success is within reach with patience.

Lost photos aren’t gone forever—just a few steps away from recovery. So, take a deep breath and start the journey to get your snaps back today!

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