Morgan Freeman Speaks Out On Viral TikTok Video Using His Voice

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Morgan Freeman has spoken out against a TikTok video that used his voice without asking. This raises a big issue: Is it right to use AI to copy someone’s voice or image? Freeman is not happy about it. He’s worried about how real and legal these AI creations are. He’s also concerned about what this means for privacy and owning one’s own image. What do you think? How should we handle this kind of tech?

The Viral TikTok Video Using Morgan Freeman’s Voice


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A recent TikTok video caught everyone’s attention. It used an AI to mimic Morgan Freeman’s voice, and at first, people thought it was really him. This raised a lot of eyebrows.

Fans felt tricked once they realized it was fake, and they started talking about whether this is right or wrong. Morgan Freeman himself wasn’t happy about it. He made it clear that using his voice without permission isn’t okay. He believes in keeping things real and sticking to ethical rules when creating digital content.

Freeman slams AI voice imitations.

Morgan Freeman has spoken out against using AI to mimic his voice, especially after a recent TikTok video made rounds online. This video wrongly used a computer-generated voice similar to his, causing quite a stir. Freeman is worried about how this tech might trick people and mess with his personal rights.

He pointed out the problems with AI technology that can mimic real voices. He said it’s crucial to keep things real and honest when making digital content.

He wants more people to know about this issue and calls for stricter rules on using AI in media. He believes we should ensure new technology doesn’t infringe on people’s rights or damage their reputations.

Fans call out the ‘scam’

After Morgan Freeman spoke out against AI voice imitations, more people got upset. A TikTok video that used AI to mimic Freeman’s voice tricked many at first. People weren’t happy when they realised it wasn’t really him.

This whole thing has made people talk more about how creators need to be clear when they use AI like this. Fans and critics want new rules to ensure no one is misled and to keep trust in what we watch and listen to online.

Freeman’s Response and Gratitude Towards Fans

Morgan Freeman thanked fans for spotting a fake video on TikTok

Freeman made a straightforward statement, thanking his fans for spotting the misuse of his voice in a viral TikTok video. He appreciated their quick action in pointing out that his voice was used without permission, thanks to AI technology. He praised their alertness, noting that their efforts highlight the need for authenticity and for protecting our identities online.

Freeman’s words not only expressed gratitude but also reminded everyone of our shared duty to keep an eye on how technology is used, ensuring it doesn’t infringe on personal and artistic rights.


Morgan Freeman’s voice was used without permission in a TikTok video, and it’s a big deal. This situation shows why we need clear rules for AI and digital media. It’s a wake-up call about how technology can violate personal rights and confuse people. We’re really seeing how important it is to keep things real in digital content. We need to set up solid legal and ethical guidelines to make sure AI is used correctly in entertainment.

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