Kevin O’Leary Wants To Buy TikTok On Shark Tank’s Valuation

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In the fast-moving world of digital media, Kevin O’Leary has made a big move to buy TikTok. He’s doing this to avoid a potential U.S. ban and to make the platform American-owned. By making TikTok American, O’Leary aims to protect user data and ensure the platform follows U.S. rules.

Kevin O’Leary’s Plans to Buy TikTok

Wants to Crowdfund Purchase

To buy TikTok, O’Leary is starting a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. He wants to open up the investment opportunity to lots of people. This way, everyone can help make TikTok a U.S.-owned company, which will improve data security and protect users. Since many people like TikTok, we could gather a lot of money. Building trust and being open: When the public has a stake in TikTok, it helps ensure the company protects user data and runs honestly.

Disagrees with Valuation

Kevin O’Leary disagrees with the current price tag on TikTok. He believes it’s too high because it doesn’t consider all the risks and rules TikTok would face in the U.S. He thinks the price should consider the money and effort needed to meet U.S. privacy and security laws. O’Leary is pushing for a lower valuation that covers these potential costs and ensures TikTok can operate safely and legally in the U.S. while protecting user data and national security. His main goal is to make a smart deal that avoids big losses and sets TikTok up for a stable, compliant future.

Potential Impact on TikTok’s Future

Possible Purchase by O’Leary

Kevin O'Leary's Plans to Buy TikTok

If Kevin O’Leary buys TikTok, we could see significant changes in how the platform works and its business approach. O’Leary’s style of running things might lead to shifts in how the company is managed, how it protects user data, and how it innovates its business model. These shifts are significant, especially concerning data security and user privacy. He plans to keep user data on American servers, which could make users feel safer and ensure the platform follows U.S. laws. He wants to set up transparent and open management structures that look out for user interests and hold the company accountable.

Chinese-owned app facing potential US ban


TikTok might face a ban in the U.S. This app, owned by China and loved for its catchy videos, is under the microscope. People are worried about how it handles user data and its possible connections to the Chinese government. The U.S. has told TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to sell its American operations by January 2025. If they don’t sell, TikTok could be banned in the whole country, shaking up their business and plans in the U.S.


Kevin O’Leary wants to buy TikTok, which could change who owns what in the world of social media here in the U.S. He’s considering selling it for less and wants to attract many different investors through crowdfunding. This plan could help with national security worries and ensure everyone has a say in how TikTok is run, which is suitable for protecting user data. If he pulls it off, it might lead to how we handle foreign tech companies in the future.

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