Is Snapchat Removing the Snapscore Feature? Exploring The Truth

Lucia Marginean

  • Snapchat has confirmed that the Snapscore feature is here to stay. In a tweet, they cleared up the rumors.
  • The rumours started with a TikTok video that falsely claimed Snapchat was removing the feature.
  • They’ve also shared guides to help users better understand and use the Snapscore feature.

Snapchat users recently reacted to a TikTok video that claimed the Snapscore feature might be removed. Snapscore shows how active you are on the app by giving you a number, and it’s a big part of what makes Snapchat fun. It helps friends compete and stay connected.

But Snapchat quickly said on Twitter that the feature is not going away. This whole thing made people talk more about how these features affect us and our privacy.

What is the Snapscore Feature?

The Snapscore on Snapchat shows how active someone is by counting all the snaps they’ve sent and received. You can see this number right next to their username. It tells you how much they interact with others on the app. Knowing about this feature helps us understand what using Snapchat is like.

Snapscore Feature

How does it work?

Snapscore is a number you see on Snapchat. It goes up when you send or receive snaps and counts when you post stories. This score shows right under your username. Every snap or story you share adds to this score, which keeps changing as you use Snapchat. This way, you know how active you are on the app.

What is its purpose?

Snapscore shows how active someone is on Snapchat. It adds up all the snaps you send and receives. The more you use Snapchat, the higher your score.

This makes people want to use the app more, both to keep up with friends and to get a higher score than others. It’s like a game where your activity level boosts your score, encouraging you to use more of Snapchat’s features.

Rumors About Removal of Snapscore Feature

There’s been a lot of talk online about Snapchat possibly eliminating the Snapscore feature, all because of a viral TikTok video. People really care about this feature, so much so that they started a petition to keep it. Snapchat came out and said clearly that they’re not planning to remove the Snapscore.

Viral TikTok video
removing the Snapscore.

A TikTok video recently went viral, making many people think that Snapchat might get rid of its Snapscore feature. However, Snapchat has clearly said this isn’t true. The video spread quickly and got a lot of Snapchat users talking. They were worried about losing this feature. But Snapchat was quick to calm everyone down by confirming that Snapscores are here to stay.

Petition to remove Snapscores

Many Snapchat users are signing a petition to get rid of the Snapscore feature. They say it causes too much competition and stress. The Snapscore shows how active someone is by counting the snaps they send and receive.

Snapchat’s official response


Snapchat clarified things on its Twitter, letting everyone know that Snapscores are here to stay and committed to keeping us in the loop about any changes. Plus, they’ve shared some helpful guides on how to use the feature better. They want to make sure we all know what’s going on and how to get the most out of Snapchat.


To put it simply, there’s no need to worry about Snapchat getting rid of the Snapscore. Despite what you might have seen on TikTok, Snapchat has made it clear that Snapscore isn’t going anywhere. They’ve promised to be upfront about any big changes to important features like this one. This openness helps build trust with users.

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