How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing: 5 Clever Techniques

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  • Take a picture of Snapchat using another phone or camera. This way, the person who sent it won’t know.
  • You can also mirror your phone’s screen to another device, like a tablet or computer, and take the screenshots.
  • Try putting your phone in Airplane Mode before you take a screenshot. Just make sure to close Snapchat right after.
  • There’s an app called Private Screenshots that lets you capture snaps without anyone finding out.
  • Another option is to use a computer setup to record what happens on your Snapchat screen, bypassing the app’s alerts.

People often want to keep a special moment that might not come again, like a vital snap, an excellent image, or critical info shared quickly. Snapchat usually tells the person when you take a screenshot, so finding a way to do it quietly can be helpful.

This might be because someone wants to keep a personal memory, collect proof, or save a digital conversation without changing how others act.

If keeping things private and discreet matters to you in your online chats, figuring out how to get around these alerts is essential.

Why Does Snapchat Notify You When You Screenshot?

The app’s main feature is that messages vanish after they’re seen. By alerting users about screenshots, Snapchat keeps things private and temporary, just as users expect.

This warning also stops people from sharing your stuff without permission and keeps the platform secure. Knowing this makes users feel safer and trust Snapchat more with their conversations.

Screenshot Snapchat Messages

Ways to Take Screenshots on Snapchat Without Notifying the Sender

When there are a few simple ways to take screenshots on Snapchat without the sender knowing these; you could use another phone or camera to snap a photo of the screen.

Another option is to use screen mirroring to display your Snapchat on a different device and capture it there.

Or, you might find apps that let you take screenshots quietly.

Sure, here are the steps without the bold formatting:

1. Use Another Phone to Take a Snap:

Take screenshot using another phone

Step 1 Open Snapchat on one phone.

Step 2: Use another phone or camera to take a picture of the screen.

 Step 3: Remember, this might not give the best image quality, but it keeps the sender unaware.

2. Use Screen Mirroring:

Use screen mirroring

 Step 1: Show your phone’s screen on another device, like a computer or TV, using AirPlay for iPhones or Google Home for Android.

 Step 2: Use the device’s tools to take a screenshot or record what’s on the screen.

 Step 3: Since you’re not touching the Snapchat app on your phone, it won’t send a notification.

3. Use Private Screenshots:

 Step 1: Utilize techniques that make detecting the screenshot hard for the sender.

 Step 2: You can mirror your screen to another device or use unique apps for discreet screenshots.

 Step 3: These methods ensure privacy and control when using social media.

4. Turn on Airplane Mode on Your Phone:

turn on airplane mode

 Step 1: Turn on Airplane Mode to disable all wireless connections.

 Step 2: Open Snapchat, view the snap, and take a screenshot.

 Step 3: Close the Snapchat app entirely before turning off Airplane Mode to avoid detection.

 Step 4: Be cautious, as the effectiveness of this method may vary depending on app versions and phone settings.

5. Record Snapchat on PC:

 Step 1: Show your phone’s Snapchat on your computer screen using mirroring or an emulator.

 Step 2 Use software like OBS Studio or Camtasia to record the screen.

 Step 3: Start recording before opening the Snap to keep it secret.

 Step 4: Check recording settings for clarity and smoothness.

 Step 5: This method provides a good-quality recording without alerting the sender.


In short, there are many ways to screenshots on Snapchat without the sender knowing. You could use another device, screen mirroring, or specific apps. However, it’s crucial to consider the ethical side of these actions. Snapchat was made to keep things private, and going around this can invade someone’s privacy. We should use social media responsibly and know how to bypass these privacy settings.

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