How To Create A Group Chat on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide

Lucia Marginean

  • First, open Snapchat and click on the Chat Icon to start something new.
  • Next, choose ‘New Group’ to make your group chat.
  • Give your group a name that shows what it’s about and makes it feel unique.
  • Then, add people by picking friends from your contacts. You can add up to 100.
  • Now you’re all set! Start sending messages, photos, or videos and enjoy chatting in your new group.

Snapchat makes it easy to start group chats where you can message, send photos, and share videos. You can chat with up to 100 people at once, making it great for staying connected with friends and family. The chats are lively and fast, keeping everyone engaged. Plus, you can send all kinds of media, which makes conversations more interesting. One of the best things about Snapchat’s group chats is the privacy. Messages disappear after 24 hours, so your chats won’t stick around forever. This keeps things private and encourages everyone to be more open and real with each other.

Steps to Create a Group Chat on Snapchat

To start a group chat on Snapchat, simply tap the Chat Icon to open a new conversation space. You can then give your group a unique name and add friends to it. Once everyone’s added, you’re all set to chat away. It’s a straightforward way to keep in touch right inside the app.

Tap the Chat Icon to Start a Group

Tap the Chat Icon

Starting a group chat on Snapchat is easy. First, open the app and swipe right from the camera or click the speech bubble icon to get to the chat screen. Then, tap ‘New Group.’ You can choose up to 31 friends to add to the chat. This lets everyone share messages, snaps, and videos together.

Name Your Snapchat Group

Name Your Snapchat Group

A great name helps set the mood and purpose of your group, making it easy for everyone to recognize and get involved. Choosing the right name really helps shape your group’s identity and can make your chats more lively.

Begin Chatting in Your Group

Once you’ve set up your Snapchat group chat, just tap on the group’s name to start chatting. This opens up your chat screen where you can type messages, send snaps, or even start a video call. To keep things fun, try using Bitmoji stickers, filters, and lenses. Just a heads-up, messages in group chats disappear after 24 hours for privacy.

Adding Members to Your Snapchat Group Chat

To make your Snapchat group chat bigger, follow these steps:

  • Go to the group settings.

  • Click on ‘Add Members.’Add Members

  • Pick friends from your contacts to join the chat.Pick friends from your contact

  • You can add up to 100 people, making your group more fun and lively.


In conclusion, setting up a group chat on Snapchat can really boost your communication and interaction with others. Follow the above given steps to create a group, add members, and adjust settings. This way, you can easily keep in touch with up to 200 friends or coworkers.

It’s perfect for planning events, sharing news, or just chatting. Remember, you can change the settings to silence notifications or exit the group if you need to. These tools help you make the most of Snapchat, making it fun and easy to manage.

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