How Much Does a Galaxy Cost on TikTok? A Detailed Price Breakdown

Lucia Marginean

  • On TikTok, a Galaxy gift costs 1,000 coins.
  • These 1,000 coins usually cost between $13 and $15.
  • If you buy more coins at once, you often pay less for each one. This means you can save some money.
When you think about buying a Galaxy gift on TikTok, it’ll cost you about 1000 TikTok coins. That’s roughly $13 to $15, depending on which package you buy. If you go for the bigger bundles, you might save some cash. This is good to know if you often send gifts to creators.

1000 TikTok coins or $13-$15

Galaxy gift cost

The Galaxy gift on TikTok costs 1,000 coins. That’s about $13 to $15. Users buy these gifts to support their favourite creators during live streams. The dollar price might change slightly depending on how you buy the coins.

Higher bundle options

Exploring higher bundle options for Galaxy gifts on TikTok can change how much you spend, making it cheaper per coin. This is great for people who often support TikTok creators.

Other Gifts to Know on TikTok

Galaxy gift cost

Beyond the Galaxy gift, TikTok has a lot of different virtual gifts. Each one costs a different amount and affects how much creators can make. It’s good to know how these gifts stack up, especially regarding the TikTok Creator Fund, a significant way creators earn money.

Comparison of other gifts

In addition to the Galaxy gift, TikTok provides a range of other virtual gifts. Each one has a different cost and effect, enhancing the user experience. Here are some standout choices:

  1. Rose (1 coin): Sending a rose is a simple yet heartfelt way to show support. It’s perfect for expressing admiration.

  2. Panda (5 coins): This lighthearted gift can make anyone smile. It’s playful and fun.

  3. Italian Hand (5 coins): This gift adds a bit of humour and personality. It’s a quirky way to interact.

  4. Lion (29,999 coins): The lion is one of the priciest gifts. It shows deep appreciation and significant support for a creator’s work.

Each gift has its unique flair and helps viewers connect with creators differently. Whether a small token of appreciation or a grand gesture, there’s something for everyone.

How the TikTok Creator Fund works

Galaxy gift cost

The TikTok Creator Fund is a straightforward way for creators to make money. They get paid based on how many views their videos get. This adds to other earnings from things like virtual gifts.

The fund started to reward creators for making engaging and unique videos. Their earnings depend on how many people watch and engage with their videos and where these viewers are located.

To qualify, creators must have a certain number of followers and follow TikTok’s community rules. This fund is part of TikTok’s effort to help creators make a living from their creativity. It also helps keep the platform full of lively and interactive content.


The Galaxy gift on TikTok costs about 1,000 coins, which means you might spend between $13 and $15. This varies a bit based on how many coins you buy at once. If you go for the bigger bundles, you’ll save some money and give the creators more support. This kind of support helps build a strong community. Buying these digital gifts shows how relationships between viewers and creators are changing, emphasising just how crucial support is in online content.

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