Can Snapchat Access “My Eyes Only” Content – What’s The Truth?

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  • Snapchat says it can’t see what’s in ‘My Eyes Only’ without your passcode.
  • This feature has strong privacy settings to block unwanted access.
  • Your content in ‘My Eyes Only’ is locked behind a passcode you create, making it more secure.
  • If you forget your passcode, the stuff inside can be wiped out to protect your privacy.
  • Snapchat reminds you to keep your passcode secret to stay safe.

Snapchat launched a feature called ‘My Eyes Only’ in the summer of 2016. This feature provides a private, passcode-protected space where users can store sensitive photos and videos.

It’s different from other social media because it offers a special area within the app just for personal content, separate from the usual Memories section. This feature really helps users who want to keep certain moments private without the risk of others seeing them.

Explaining My Eyes Only on Snapchat

How it works

My Eyes Only on Snapchat offers a private folder locked with your own passcode. You can store sensitive photos and videos there, safe from prying eyes. Only you can open it with your passcode, keeping your private stuff really private.

Here’s what it does:

  • Secure Storage: Your photos and videos are locked away with a passcode.
  • Privacy: Keeps your sensitive stuff off the main Memories page.
  • User Control: You’re the only one who can access it, thanks to your unique passcode.
  • Data Safety: It’s built to keep unauthorized folks out.

Setting up and accessing

Setting up My Eyes Only on Snapchat is straightforward. Swipe up from the camera screen to reach the Memories section. You’ll see the My Eyes Only tab there. Click ‘Set Up’ and create a passcode. This passcode keeps your private content safe, ensuring it’s seen only by you.

Changing the passcode

  • Navigate to Memories: Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat 

  • Go to the Memories section.

Memories section.

  • Access My Eyes Only: Find and select ‘My Eyes Only.’

select 'My Eyes Only.'

  • Go to Options: Tap on 'Options,'


  •  Choose ‘Change Passcode.’

Change Passcode.'

  • Reset Forgotten Passcode: If you’ve forgotten your passcode, select ‘Forgot Passcode.’ You’ll need to enter your Snapchat password to set a new one.
  • Caution: Resetting your passcode will erase all content in My Eyes Only for security reasons.
  • Choose a Secure Passcode: Pick a passcode that’s easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess, and never share it to protect your privacy.

Can Snapchat Access My Eyes Only?

When asking if Snapchat can peek into the ‘My Eyes Only’ section, it’s good to know how private it really is. Snapchat says it can’t access this area without your passcode. So, choosing a strong passcode you can remember is key.

It’s still a bit unclear, though, how much Snapchat can see or get back from that section. This is a big deal for privacy, and it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Privacy features of My Eyes Only

My Eyes Only

People are still worried about whether Snapchat can peek at the private stuff they put in ‘My Eyes Only’, a feature that started in 2016. This feature lets users tuck away certain photos and videos in a safe spot that only opens with a passcode.

The big idea here is to keep extra private stuff separate from every day Memories. Here’s the kicker: if you forget your passcode, even Snapchat can’t help you get back in. They really stress that you need to remember that passcode.

It looks like they’re serious about keeping things private since Snapchat claims it can’t access the content in ‘My Eyes Only’ under usual conditions.

Clarification from Snapchat

Snapchat has made it clear that they can’t access your ‘My Eyes Only’ content unless you give them your passcode. This is good news for privacy, as it means the security of your stored items depends entirely on the passcode you choose.

The company points out that if you forget this passcode, not only can’t you get to your content, but Snapchat can’t see or recover it either. This ensures that your personal and sensitive information stays safe, highlighting Snapchat’s focus on protecting user privacy and securing data.


In summary, Snapchat’s ‘My Eyes Only’ feature lets you keep certain things private. You lock these items away with a passcode only you know. This is great if you want to control who sees what. Snapchat says it can’t peek into this private section without your passcode and doesn’t keep a copy of it. So, remember your passcode well. If you forget it, there’s no way to get back into that protected space.

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