What Does Bop Mean on TikTok: Understanding Gen Z’s Definition

Lucia Marginean

  • On TikTok, ‘bop’ refers to people who post videos that really catch your eye, mainly focusing on their body or looks.
  • It means they’re trying to get noticed and liked by sharing personal body pics.
  • When Gen Z says ‘bop,’ they mean someone is really making a splash online.

On TikTok, the word ‘bop’ isn’t just about catchy tunes anymore, especially for Gen Z. It’s evolved. Now, it often points to videos that focus a lot on showing off and body images. It’s all about getting noticed and racking up those likes and shares. This shift is pretty big. It dives deep into how we view ourselves, our privacy, and how we interact online.

The Evolution of “Bop” on TikTok

From its traditional musical roots

Originally, the word ‘bop’ was all about catchy, rhythmic music that made people want to dance or at least nod their heads. It started in the jazz world around the middle of the 20th century, known for its quick beats and complex, on-the-fly tunes.

Over time, ‘bop’ came to describe any song with a really good beat, across all kinds of music from pop to hip-hop. This musical background set the stage for the word to evolve, always keeping its focus on rhythm, fun, and broad appeal.

From its modern-day definition of social media

Originally a term for catchy music, the term ‘bop’ has taken on a new meaning. It’s now used for people, often women, who share photos or videos of their bodies online. This shift in meaning shows how social media language is changing.

Understanding Gen Z’s Definition of “Bop” on TikTok

Bop on TikTok

On TikTok, ‘bop’ has a new meaning. It’s now used to describe people who often show off their bodies online, usually to get attention and approval from others.

Being called a ‘bop’ means someone is actively engaging with their followers by sharing personal images.


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