How To Block Someone On TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, controlling who you interact with on platforms like TikTok is crucial for a positive online experience. TikTok lets you block users who might be making you uncomfortable or spreading negativity.

One useful tool is the block feature. It lets you stop certain users from seeing your profile and videos. This way, you can make sure you’re browsing comfortably and safely.

Getting how blocking and unblocking works on TikTok is great for your privacy. It also lets you manage who you interact with more effectively.

Why Blocking Someone on TikTok is Important

This is a big help in preventing harassment or any unwanted contact. It’s like having control over who can enter your personal online space, which keeps things positive and secure for everyone. TikTok shows it values user control and mental health by giving everyone the power to set their own boundaries online. This makes the platform a safer place to share and interact.

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Steps to Block Someone on TikTok

It’s pretty straightforward, but the steps can vary a bit depending on whether you’re on your phone, using the website, or trying to block several people at once.

On the Mobile App:

  • Open TikTok: Launch the TikTok app on your phone.

  • Find the User: Search for the person’s username using the search bar and tap on their profile in the search results.

  • Access Options: Look for three dots or an arrow icon at the top right corner of their profile and tap on it.

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  • Choose ‘Block’: Select the ‘Block’ option from the menu that appears.

  • Confirm: A message will pop up asking if you’re sure. Tap ‘Block’ again to confirm. This will prevent the person from seeing your content, and they won’t be notified.

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On the TikTok Website:

  • Go to Log in to your TikTok account on the website.

  • Search for the User: Type the person’s name in the search bar to find their profile.

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  • Visit Their Profile: Click on their username to go to their page.
  • Access Options: Look for the three dots icon on their profile and click on

click on three dots

  • Select ‘Block’: Choose the ‘Block’ option from the menu.

  • Confirm: Confirm the block when prompted to prevent them from interacting with your content.block profile on tiktok

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Harassment on TikTok

To keep your kids safe from harassment on TikTok, start by getting familiar with the privacy settings. Taking these steps can help create a safer online space for them.

  • Set the Account to Private: Make your child’s profile private. This way, only approved people can see what they post and interact with them.set profile to private

  • Use Family Pairing: This tool lets you link your account with your child’s. You can keep an eye on their TikTok use and even manage some of their settings.

  • Turn Off Direct Messages: If your child is under 16, you can disable direct messages entirely. For older teens, you can control who can message them.

  • Check the Follow List: Make it a habit to look over who your child is following and who’s following them. It’s good to make sure these are people you’re okay with.check following list


Blocking on TikTok is crucial. It lets you control who you interact with and keeps your space private. The feature is easy to use and really important for blocking unwanted content or users. It’s essential to know about these tools and use them to make TikTok safer. As TikTok changes, staying savvy with these privacy tools is key. Always remember your safety online comes first. Using the blocking feature is a smart way to keep your TikTok experience safe and fun.

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