Bella Poarch Addresses Rumors Of Cheating On Ex-Husband With Tyga

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Bella Poarch recently spoke out to strongly deny rumours that she cheated on her ex-husband with the rapper – Tyga. These rumours started after she and Tyga worked together on a TikTok video, and people thought their relationship might be more than just professional. What do you think this situation shows about handling rumours and celebrity news on social media?

Bella Poarch Addresses Cheating Rumors with Tyga

Rumours sparked after collaboration with Tyga.

Bella Poarch and Tyga

After Bella Poarch and Tyga made a TikTok together in December 2020, people started talking. The video showed them together and made some folks wonder if more was happening between them. Bella was still married at that time, which added to the gossip. Even though the video was just for fun, and both said they were just working together, their on-screen connection made people speculate.

False accusations and death threats received

Bella Poarch responded to rumours, saying she got death threats and denied cheating with Tyga. In a TikTok video, she talked about how the false claims hurt her emotionally and mentally. She explained that her only link to Tyga was a work-related TikTok video from December 2020, set up by her team. Her ex-husband, Tyler, backed her up, saying there was no cheating in their marriage.

Bella Poarch Clarifies Divorce from Ex-Husband


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Mutual and amicable decision

Bella Poarch and her ex-husband, Tyler, decided to divorce on good terms. They made sure the split was not because of cheating. They thought it over carefully and talked a lot to ensure they both felt respected and heard. This mature approach helped them stay supportive friends after the divorce. They showed a lot of dignity and kindness, even with everyone watching. Both focused on moving forward and growing individually without hard feelings.

Denies cheating on ex-husband

Bella Poarch responded to rumours about her and her ex-husband’s divorce. She said clearly that she did not cheat on him. The stories linking her with rapper Tyga are not valid. Bella is upset that these false stories, including personal attacks, have caused her much trouble. She wants everyone to know that she and her ex-husband still respect and care for each other, even though they are no longer together.

Wants to move on from drama and focus on career

Bella Poarch is shifting her focus to her career after her divorce. She’s committed to her music and creative work, wanting to put her energy into something positive. Despite recent personal challenges, like cheating rumours and her divorce, she’s determined to move forward and grow in the entertainment industry. She’s staying connected with her fans and continues to release new content.


Simply put, the rumours about Bella Poarch and Tyga show how harmful false stories can be. Even though they were just working together, people misunderstood their relationship, which greatly hurt Poarch. The fact that her divorce went smoothly shows there was no cheating involved. It’s essential to stick to the facts and respect celebrities’ privacy.

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