Teacher’s TikTok Goes Viral: 8th Grade Students Roast Her In Hilarious Ways

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In a viral TikTok video, an eighth-grade teacher shares her students’ funny insults. This teacher uses these candid moments to connect with her students. By posting these moments online, she shows how she can laugh with her class and uses social media to reach out to her students. This makes everyone enjoy class more and starts a more extensive discussion about modern teaching methods and how teachers and students interact today.

8th Grade Students Roast Their Teacher

Comments made by students

In a viral TikTok video, 8th graders made comments about their teacher. Some joked about her clothes, saying she dressed like a ‘grandpa’s couch.’ Others were more direct, wondering if she needed therapy. They didn’t stop there; they also discussed her choice of snacks and even the school’s toilet paper quality. These comments show how straightforward and sharp middle schoolers can be. They mix humour with honest thoughts quite well.


“8th graders will make fun of you but in an accurate way.” – John Mulaney @John Mulaney official

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TikTok teacher Miss.Dugan1

In a popular TikTok video, Miss Dugan1, an 8th-grade teacher, shares funny remarks from her students. They joke about everything, from her style to how she decorates her classroom. This shows a classroom where students are comfortable speaking their minds.

Miss Dugan1 posts these roasts, showing she can take a joke and keep things open with her students. Her reactions make people laugh and draw in viewers who like to see real moments between teachers and students.

Viral list of roasts

Miss Dugan, in a funny TikTok video

Eighth graders shared their views on their teacher, Miss Dugan, in a funny TikTok video. They made jokes about her old-fashioned style, calling it like a ‘grandpa’s couch’. They also teased her about needing therapy after spending a day with them. One joke said the school’s toilet paper was as rough as her lesson plans. Another teased her about her snack choices, linking her love for old candy to her teaching methods. This video showed the students’ confidence and how to open Miss Dugan to use humour in teaching.

Empowering Teachers and Students Through Humor

Humour is like a bridge that brings teachers and students closer, making learning fun and supportive. When teachers like Miss Dugan use humour to respond to students’ jokes, it helps stop disrespect and makes them more relatable, building respect on both sides. This funny back-and-forth turns the classroom into a lively and open place where creativity thrives. It lets students speak up more and helps them grow socially and emotionally.

Also, using humour in class reduces stress and makes learning enjoyable and less scary. This method promotes a school atmosphere where laughter is a key part of learning.


Reflecting on the viral TikTok video, it’s evident that middle school students’ honesty brings challenges and learning opportunities. Their open comments show us a lot about the relationships between teachers and students. They also highlight the importance of creating a space where students can freely express themselves. This popular video reminds us of how crucial humour and openness are in education.

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